Correnti Magnetiche – Correnti Magnetiche 1985-1996

Correnti Magnetiche

dvd video – Arcnaut
3D graphics, even if it never entered the list of available tools for every user, has had an important aesthetic role in the magma of transformations that stormed the nineties. One of the peculiarities of the work of Correnti Magnetiche (an etherogenous group lead by Mario Canali) is its focus on the imaginary. Among his vast production we can find many computer graphic video, that navigates through our historical and personal cultural memory. These productions has been finally digitized, and now it shows his crossed references to Escher and the surrealism, but it still compose autonomously an oniric narrative, often purely symbolic, by always emotionally related electronic sounds. The chimera of Virtual Reality and the creation of 3D worlds, now technically evaporated, here are sublimated in a continuos (retro’) stimulus of our visual categories. Known elements and forms, filled with pictures, fluctuates as memory chunks, juxtaposing on different conceptual levels, thanks also to the absolute freedom of positioning objects in space.