United We Stand: Europe has a mission.

United We Stand: Europe has a mission

0100101110101101.ORG keeps their identity of band of media artists who use non conventional communication tactics to obtain the largest visibility with the minimal effort. Their last work, ‘United We StandÕ, shown at the Postmaster Gallery of NY, is a fake blockbuster in which a task force of european secret agents is going to save the world facing the menace of a war between USA and China. Thousand of posters mimicking the rhetoric of hollywood-style visual propaganda have been plastered on the walls of Barcelona, Brussels, Berlin and NY. The communication strategy has involved also magazines devoted to art and cinema which have spotted full page United We Stand ads. Proud supporters of net art as the only European art movement of the last 20 years, 01 are ready for their first solo show in the USA. The fact that the advertising campaign is simultaneously presented as an artwork reveals the mediated F for Fake. In addition to the lightboxes and all the materials of the campaign, Postmaster Gallery shows an installation with live images from a hidden webcam capturing the passerbys reactions to the posters. If the spectators in the gallery, aware of the trick, are passive voyeurs, the observer in the street is actually part of the artwork. Both are ‘ideal readersÕ whenever they are interested in the topics connected, like European identity, cultural stereotypes, subliminal art and propaganda