ReTag, retroactive logo distribution.


The ‘brand’, i.e. the corporate identity symbolized by the logo, is the visual capital of the corporation and their precise and prudent strategy is to cautiously distribute it through our visual scanning space. ReTag is a project hosted on the Conglomco collective’s server and it proposes a tactic for boycotting some brands through an indiscriminate multiplication of the logo’s presence that would saturate our tolerance for repetitive advertisement. To contribute to this task some logos are available to download, and then they’d printed and transformed in stencils, and then spray them in the most familiar places, making a very bad impression, as if the same brands have crossed the line. Even if the project is at an embryonal level compared to a very different work as NikeGround, it uses the same strategy: pushing the as far as possible the so-called ‘brand awareness’, aiming at transforming it in a tedious and excessively untimely presence.