FIle, ISBN 9984953807
The sense of an international festival would not leave his role out of consideration. This is being a link between the melting pot of the collected ideas and the local reality that hold them. The young FILE (Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletronica) in Sao Paolo has an expressive role that customizes the all-inclusive experience through a specific curatorial mark, including installations, video, net artworks and live sound performances. But apart from the celebrated invited western works, the specific Latin approach emerges from various perspectives, with an evident narrative fascination that is developed with many different techniques. The mental path generated by a (literary or abstract) story, is in the great literary tradition and emerges in the many South-American works included in this catalogue. In this works the role of technology is less self-contemplative and more exploitable. In so far the wide selection of videogame works and the specific ‘panoramas’ section, with panoramic works made with Quicktime VR, ‘narrate’ the spatial dimension as a setting place. The space is then extended to host the stories in parallel sequences, where each one is part of his parallel story with its autonomous paths, but connected through a sensorial and humanistic sensibility.