Thought Thieves $, courts against intellectual property.

Thought Thieves

Video activism has a strategic role to nell'assuefazione increasingly concentrated doses of content in broadcasting: to break the chain of attention, reactivating our critical sense of what the multinational intellectual property considered a done deal. Use the video, one of the media of election propaganda in broadcasting, means use its grammar with content that destabilize the usual use in apnea, generating different stimuli. $ Thought Thieves does just that, being a showcase of short films created by the low-born and in response to the initiative of almost the same name Microsoft . Documentaries such as 'Steal this Disc' in which independent filmmakers show how real 'pirate' the lobby of Hollywood, or true works of video art, as 'Armcrossing', a video that lays down the conditions under which you can cross your arms after registration under the copyright act, generating speeches and perspective on a collision course with the appropriation of thoughts carried out by governments and industries, claiming a reappropriation of culture urgent and necessary. The films are stored through 'Broadcast Machine', a software developed by the Participatory Culture Foundation, which allows you to create a sort of online video store. Supported by several organizations for freedom of expression and creation digital, such as the EFF , Downhill Battle and World-Information.Org , the project provides a possible screening at the 'World Summit on the Information Society' in Tunis with the invited authors.