The Untitled Project, disjoining advertising

The Untitled Project

The sensorial overload we suffer from when we travel in public spaces, comes from the excessive information amount we are forced to face there (mostly advertising). In the advertisement’s spaces the juxtaposing of words and pictures brings on associations thatlights up in our mind, generating an imaginary mostly made of desires. The Untitled Project by Matt Siber uses photographic techniques to separate pictures from words in various advertisement’s contexts (from the shopping street to the shop’s interiors). It brings back ‘products’ and ‘advertising’ in their primary channels, so to let it emerge a naturalistic vision, on the visual side, and a literary one on the textual side. Generally speaking, the visual saturation point is near the warning level, and this is proved by the interest recently showed by other projects like SeeFree and Delete!. But in The Untitled Project the almost poetic results and the disjoined vision of the products’ appeal in everyday reality, make people think about the single components’ expressive force, but also on the incredible power of their joined one.