Story Without End and three other films

People Like Us

The visionary of overlapping elements, also historically dissonant, is the distinctive style of People Like Us century to Vicki Bennett, sound artist who for fifteen years has been producing music and radio programs ('DO or DIY') made ​​surreal juxtapositions of sound, often drawn sources of modern sound. Here are collected four of his audio visual collage able to blend the propaganda of scientific innovation and technological fifties to find a stud in the inseparable relationship between man and machine, which, with its social and cultural repercussions is dismembered through a rereading visionary and aesthetically 'sour', in which the re-contextualization of propaganda becomes routine. The utopia of progress, expressed through a reformulation of space and time, it becomes a collective hallucination retro, a dreamlike vision that unfolds in unpredictable screenplays. The old sequences become the ground on which to build a visual narrative of allusion that speaks of this without ever seeing it, or citing it through the promises of the previous decades.