John Battelle – The Search, How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture

John Battelle

book – Portfolio Hardcover – ISBN 1591840880
It’s not an hyperbole to affirm that Google is the most used computer platform in the world. Its enormous potential, still in early stage, is firmly based on the fluidity of its search mechanism and the confidence users have on its results. According to the author’s vision, infact, Google, with its opportunity to feel almost all the searches’ pulse, has become a ‘Database of our intentions’, i.e. a huge archive of our thoughts stretched out to the future (near or remote). The more the quantity of information we deal with has been exploded, the more the search has become the most effective metaphor for the user interface. So, the totality of keywords, more has become a layer of meta-data that can connect almost all the web contents, and even more a sort of international dictionary of internet users’ desires and intentions. This dictionary is a live creature, that expresses a cultural multitude engaged with evolving, confronting and veryfing its intellectual resources. Actually the search is the tool that transforms the information raw materials in precious results, with a priceless value in the infinite fascination of discovering ‘what’s out there’.