Inside the Spam Cartel


Syngress, ISBN 1932266860 This is the first text that speaks of spam seen through the eyes of a spammer by profession. The perspective of those living in the golden and insecure world of a marketing practice that moves always boundaries of illegality, is a valuable resource for understanding how an elite that sums up to a tiny percentage of the total network users can weigh so much on the latter in terms of taxes and unsolicited communications. The terms with which simple but direct Spammer-X is expressed, reveal tricks, strategies and digits, with concrete examples that open the doors of a world, perloppiù only imagined by the average user. Looking at the network with the tools of a spammer, you find yourself with a fascinating toy so much that you think you can handle at will, can so easily get out of hand, and that, like all electronic technology allows you to hold fast to the reins of control only until the next upgrade technical or legislative action. I (significant) ethical compromises, along with the flow of money involved, and the technical expertise to accumulate in order to survive in a system that includes an underground human solidarity which surprisingly is between individuals, makes the idea of ​​an eternal chess game between spammers and the front trying to block them. ultimately, then, 'know your enemy' is the first step to implement their moves, and especially for infinitely better understand what happens every day in our inbox.