(edited by) Rishab Aiyer Ghosh – Code, collaborative ownership and the digital economy

edited by Rishab Aiyer Ghosh

book – The MIT Press – ISBN 0262072602
The ‘Open Source’ concept, even if often made ambiguous and cannibalized by the same industry whose exploiting principles is shattering, is one of the cornerstones around which the collective intelligence made possible by the Net is revolving. As is strongly stressed in thistext, the forma mentis derivating from it is inexorably permeating vast territories of human knowledge, be they etnomusicology or the definitions of ‘Open Science’ and the central role of the Commons. The attempt to trascend the concept of ‘openness’ of intellectual production, to make it a possible new starting point towards a fruitful growth, generates new ways to look at contemporarity founded on the history of knowledge that casts a different light on its management and property. The intrinsic collaborative nature of network structures and the tangible redistribution of the profits in collective projects, make their convergence and evolution all the more stimulating. It’s more and more a true new ‘culture’ in the making, which is bound to shatter forever the medieval protections put in place by the shopping malls of intellectual property.