DATA Browser 01, Economising Culture: On The (Digital) Culture Industry

edited by Geoff Cox

Autonomedia, ISBN 1570271682
The devastating social consequences of the post-fordist economical models had led to the flooding of work time in our private spaces, and this is one of the fundamental themes of come cultural resistance practices, including the ones that relates to the IT technologies. One of the most interesting branches in this field is the creation of micro economical models, that go against the mainstream. These models can experiment the (material and immaterial) good’s exchange feasibility on small communities, founding on an direct involvement. These critic methods, that span from tactical media to the marketing deconstruction’s models, are actively confronted with the dissolution and de-territorialization of the work, obtained through the same computer networks and terminals (mobile phones and laptops) and in most of the cases this lead to devastating consequences. This model’s critic way of thinking is expressed in this text through a wide spectrum of alternatives, founded on the same networks and its endless possibilities of creating temporary information infrastructures.