ToyNoise, video tools-toy.


The phenomenon of ' circuit bending 'has certainly brought new life to the toy instruments, admitting them among the myriad of possible sound sources and various devices in the service of electronic musicians. But the peculiarity of these colorful objects lies in their imaginative structure that invites interaction and filled with auditory stimuli. To give an effective audio-visual test is ToyNoise Dj Flack alias Antony Flackett, a video loop of a catchy song, which shows the tools as they are played, in a surreal setting for sound, and animation puppets and mechanisms made ​​for attract a primordial visual attention. The result is a perfect synchronism, obtained thanks to the nature of the instruments, since their characteristics entertainment is translated into a 'sample' audio / visual placed in sequence in the passage with the appropriate predominance or subjection in the available space of the screen.