Privatronics Personal Security System, a different face anti-surveillance.


The control mechanisms based their power on the identification of unique entities controlled, thanks to the technologies applied to cross the evidence to verify the uniqueness itself. This overlap of data which aims at reconstructing an identity organic from different tracks in as many databases, based many of its hopes on the re-construction of the face. Privatronics Alexei Shulgin is another 'fake', as SeeFree , gives birth to a imaginary commercial product built for free the user from the yoke of oppression of technological power. It consists of a 'custom form', built to fit your face, allowing you to escape the identification of the myriad surveillance cameras that record its image every time you walk past him. Singing even here the melodies of marketing, the product breaks the logic of habituation and control immediately, stimulating the critical 'application' of the market for products that riallargano the close personal freedom from the grip of terror induced. The symbol of this affordable and solid communication countercultural becomes part of the same logic of the market, slipping from its gray waters and transforming the principles of freedom blurred in 'needs' to be met.