PEAM Pescara Electronic Artists Meeting 2005.

PEAM 2005

It is held in Pescara October 22 to 30 the Pescara Electronic Artists Meeting 2005 , festivals and international meeting between electronic artists. This is the third edition, after those of 2003 and 2004 and this year includes a busy program of works, performances and presentations ranging from web design to sound art. Inspired by the spirit of community that tends more to the exchange of experiences and the collective confrontation that the 'showcase' of works, the event consists of several lives, including that of Claudio Sinatti , presentations, among others, of Arcangel Costantini , Peter Luining , Room , Antonio Caronia, Marco Caldioli, and the exhibition 'The Thin Line' curated by Francesca Colasante and Marco Antonini among the works on display there are Thenetobserver, Yellowarrow , Urkuma , How to Win Super Mario Bros , Rick Silva , Abe Linkoln , Yoshi Sodeoka , Social Circles , They Rule , Where Next .