Livemarks, the flow of the network critical.


The continuous fluctuation, a networked information has rarely been captured effectively, and the static nature of most pages, as updated frequently does not render the continuous and steady flow of new information on the net. And although this phenomenon perfectly embodies the spirit of the network itself, that is, an orderly chaos that is potentially gems in a sea of gray information, the need for a more dynamic flow of information has led to the creation of Livemarks Alex Bosworth. It is a site that shows live new links added from the crowded community of, a portal that provides space to record your own links and share them with others. The moving image, ie scrolling text, that is obtained is a snapshot of the choices of thousands of users, who decide it is worth spending your time to bring a link, often with a short comment, because it excels in its specific. This massive collective effort, leads to a cross-section of the continuous filter applied by everyone, with the screen divided as well in another space where stand out the most popular links. The density information obtained and the result is remarkable, moment by moment, is a measurement of the pulse of mankind active in the network, which selects and shares.