Holding Pattern, cinematic screensaver

Holding Pattern

The time consumed by a screensaver is a dissipated time, interrupted and resumed in its segmented and indefinite manifestation. It’s a marginal time that automatically flows and silently accumulates its wealth of images shown on the solitary monitor. Holding Pattern , by Cathy Davies, is the first of a series of ‘cinematic’ screensavers, according to the definition given by the author herself. It shows different views from the windows of an airplane, with the landscape slowly sliding below. Its fragmented repetitive nature puts it into different contexts depending on the environment (the time of day) and the mood of the user. This way, the silent running of a realistic vision that the authors define as ‘peripheral vision’, opens a crack of familiar reality for anyone who has taken a plane before and is abstract at the same time, since its similarity with tens of other similar views locates it in a fabricated familiarity. The invisible artificiality generated by the machine fools the eye and the mind with a pleasurable and fictitious vision.