Beatbox, program a drum machine physics.


The putting in the sequence of sounds is usually a purely digital process, which also in its possible physical interfaces (as in Audiopad or Block Jam ) takes the user to transcend the physicality of the objects 'waiting' that electronics do its invisible course . Beatbox , however, Andy Huntington is a physically programmable drum machine which has the distinction of operating with a sort of hub that connect small devices 'vibrant' in a planned way. These semi-transparent micro-percussion have a green light that lights up when activated and their physical vibrations are amplified or translated into sounds from the other objects on which they are resting or they are pushed together. In this sense, the symbiosis between machine and sound is built from time to time and programmability, variable on the fly, is reflected in the physical surrounding multiplying the opportunities for interaction and variation. The level of interaction, in fact, is such as to encourage user performance and experimentation, making the device a digital instrument actually interfaced with the real world.