Ballettikka Internettikka: BEO Guerrillikka (Bureau NetBallet).

Ballettikka Internettikka

The project Ballettikka Internettikka the Slovenian Igor Stromajer since its first version has examined the role of the body in real-time broadcasts of the network is brought back to the properties of broadcasting staff the role of expressing a different physicality. His last achievement, BEO Guerrillikka of 13 October 2005, was carried out with Brane Zorman in Belgrade and for half an hour has passed the intrusion in the office of Artistic Director of the Ballet of the National Theatre in Belgrade. Not a criminal intrusion, but a performance of unauthorized access to, made public in practically every respect, including the identity of the real protagonists, broadcast live and then archived on the network. Un'hacking physique of a protected system, in which you could attend from remote locations, but, as in the ethics of so-called 'hacker samaritan', did not change anything, but merely to have a look around. In this case the abstraction of the network as a system and its reinterpretation in real architectures draws a parallel scenario, in which the transmission video snapshot of a physical action in a precise system of rules and spaces materializes the increasingly extensive system of rules access the network data spaces.