(a project by) Darko Fritz – End of the Message

Darko Fritz

dvd video – Baltic
Camera surveillance gives rise to many questions: how are people’s movements perceived by the watchers? How do their behaviour changes when they feel observed? What kind of archive is created with these recordings? This dvd, a summa of the five-years-long project ‘End of theMessage’, by Darko Fritz, contains videos that cross these open questions using the omnicomprehensive ductility of the convex 360 degrees lens used in his installations. The synthesis of the informations, such as in the fast-forwarded parts, or the extrapolated fragments of ‘portraits’, or the editing made by the watchers themselves, twists the usual relationship of reciprocal defense between watcher and watched, formalizing new languages to interpret surveillance images. Published under a Creative Commons license, this ‘end of the message’ opens new ways to interpret the daily relation with the semi-automatic eye and its (distorted and spectacular) vision of reality.