Words Made Flesh – Code, Culture, Imagination.

Words Made Flesh

In his research Florian Cramer has systematically researched the feasibility of code from a literary point of view, implicandone thus a unique reading and interpretation, and the resulting meta-level of signs leading to the award not only meanings, but actions whose structure is entered in the code itself. And the history of the generation of meaning through a serial instruction, together with the use of the aesthetic code as a form of verbal expression is dedicated Words Made Flesh – Code, Culture, Imagination , a book in pdf format (also available in HTML and LaTeX), written during his period of 'residency' at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. The text summarizes the research in a fascinating corpus through literature, art and culture of new media connecting them through important nodal points. From the imaginative literary constructions 'automatic' of past centuries, through the contextualized experiences Burroughs, Calvin and Tzara, through the operation of language 'encoded' in the mailing list and the strategy of the symbols used in the design of the interfaces, the mechanisms of computation can imaginative to unleash the power of the word, by programming its own vitality. The electronic text, in fact, though technically poor retains its evocative power, which is enhanced by the computation techniques, rooted in old world charm, namely the automatic creation, obtained from a broad concept of 'software'. The richness of the research described here makes it one of the most important texts in this area, paradoxically, not yet available in printed form.