Open Nature

open nature

ICC Intercommunication Center – ISBN 4757170289
If the perception of nature throughout history has been conditioned by the state of the art of the production and communication technologies of the time (as evidenced by the main philosophical intuitions which preceded contemporarity), our time is characterized by a newidea of nature. This is expressed through the possibilities of investigation of mathematical instruments which can look into the ultrasmall and the ultralarge by comparing data using databases or the simulation algorithms that formalize natural processes into codes, conditioning the interpretation of other natural processes, not to mention the human being, now viewed mostly as a precise sequence of genetic symbols. This catalogue of the name exhibition with the same analyzes culturally the unavoidable encounter of nature and technology in an excellent alchemy of works and essays that capture the attention of the user, from the creativity spurred by the use of software founded on natural mechanisms to the enlightening considerations on the fragmentation of space in the era of distributed communication networks, in an always coherent and heterogeneous multicultural landscape.