Message in a Bottle, From Ramsgate to Chatham Islands.

Message in a Bottle

Even the messages in a bottle abandoned at sea may be regarded as a medium, poetic and niche as you want, and especially with a feature easily replicated, namely the lack of a specific recipient. The unknown person, in fact he had picked up the original message would have done it for just a random combination of currents, which in their vector forces would decide the place where the message would leave the cabinet transit state (ie be water) to enter the static state of waiting to be read (on the shore). Message in a Bottle: From Ramsgate to Chatham Islands Layla Curtis is a project consisting of the release in the south-east coast of England fifty bottles containing as many messages, with the intent that they would reach the Chatham Islands in the southern Pacific Ocean. Except that they could be found numerous times before reaching their destination, some of them are equipped with a GPS transmitter which makes determining the location of the museum of departure. The message asks you to report the finding of the bottles to the authors and to reject them at sea if they have not reached their final destination. The time paradox between an average real-time location (GPS) and a medium of communication deferred over time (the bottle in the sea) effectively summarizes the meaning of this work relaxing in a uncertain size, in which the necessary human intervention compensate for the game that nature does with technology.