Freewayblogger, communication activism on the freeways


Advertising, in its desperate expansion towards the minds of potential buyers, constantly teaches how to exploit every possible square millimeter of public places to ‘communicate’, under the illusion (unfortunately supported by statistics) that every repetition of a certain message contributes significantly to its persistence in our memory. Thus, public places have become a sort of arena where our minds are continuously attacked by symbols, mostly belonging to a few standard categories. Freewayblogger is an activist who has chosen the american freeways as his battlefield. His attack materializes into big billboards hung on bridges, fences, walls and anything else surrounding these roads. This activity, besides being far from trivial, both practically and legally, combines several disciplines, obviously including mass communication. To understand its importance, it’s sufficient to think about the number of people who see these messages, a number that may reach the tens of thousands on particularly busy streets. Everything is built with very cheap equipment, but is carefully planned and documented, to encourage its viral expansion, on his web site.