(edited by) Joke Brouwer, Arjen Mulder, Anne Nigten – aRt&D: Research and Development in Art

Joke Brouwer

book – V2_Publishing – NAi Publishers – ISBN 9056623893
How far electronic art is representation, narration and aesthetic manipulation and how far is a new field of pure research which can exploit the integration of hardware, science and software, developing conceptual flashes that lighten new possibilities to analyze and transform the perception of reality? Capitalizing on the efforts made in the last five years by the V2 of Rotterdam, channeled in the different editions of DEAF (03, 04) and in several other initiatives, this book coagulates the work of artists who describe their research and critics who sketch many possible sceneries. The fascinating projects included have the merit of being described and interpreted, that is, they are illustrated in their double nature, technical and conceptual, offering a comprehensive cross-section of their innovative potential and their theoretical reach. Among the many topics covered by this work, the most important ones are the urban territories, full of continuously flowing information, the architectures modeled in their structures by the data that make them ‘resonate’, and the places created using complex designing and building processes that, thanks to software, create new experience spaces which can generate new reactions and consciences.