Art from code – Generator.x, conference on generative.

Art from code

The role of software in digital art production plays a strategic role, namely the encoding of operations of interactive machines. In the concept of generative art, the role it plays an even more important, constituting the heart that is beating in a different way the results that flow unabated. Just generative code is devoted to the art of the International Conference Art from code – Generator.x that s'inugura September 23 at Atelier Nord in Oslo, where there will be presentations of many famous representatives of the scope as Casey Reas , Golan Levin , Hans Christian Gilje , Sebastian Oschatz , Marius Watz , Gisle fro; Ysland , Susanne Jaschko, Erich Berger , Lia , Martin Wattenberg , Pablo Miranda Carranza and Amanda Steggell. Moreover, the increasing use of processing in the production of visual artifacts and musical artifacts in Pure Data, is leading to use of the code more accessible to electronic artists, and therefore a greater focus on its mechanisms. In this sense, the generative algorithms costuiscono a 'surrogate' of artistic creation that beyond the temptations of 'natural', ie exploit the algorithms 'artificial life' slavishly, they would be able to build various possibilities of connection between 'worlds' different data making them interact in an automatic manner, and generating much more sense as more careful and appropriate was their interfacing.