Sine Wave Orchestra, sound waves report.

Sine Wave Orchestra

The collaborative sound projects are built on a given entity to be pooled, a lowest common denominator capable of seeding new ideas and unusual deviations of thought. These can then generate a collective experience that takes on a dual role: that of the composition of Songolo nodes of a network intelligence and that of the unique complex that flows from it and is perceived. Sine Wave Orchestra is a project coordinated by the Japanese Furudate Ken, Daisuke Ishida, Kazuhiro Jo and Mizuki Noguchi, in which you make public performances composing simple sine waves, provided by many participants. The resulting sound (according to the same authors, "a sea of ​​sine waves") then relates with space and with its human components. The different waves in place of their creators each other and share a sign of mutual recognition reinforces the connection collective and abstracting on a pure sound (any sound, in fact, can be decomposed into simple sine waves), the communication between the different participants joined in a joyful meeting of frequencies.