Noise Pattern, livecoding music software.

Noise Pattern

The phenomenon of 'livecoding' music has slowly reflection on the sound generation induced minute by minute performative immediacy of the VJ, which came now to be part of common sense. The large collective called 'TOPLAP' (The Temporary Organisation for the Promotion of Live Algorithm Programming), in particular, has grown tools and techniques of livecoding through a shared awareness of the possibilities opened up an improvisation-based code. Noise Pattern of Dave Griffiths is one of the best-designed tool. It runs on Linux platforms through a real-time programming of formal grammars that produce text strings, in turn interpreted as scores. In this case, therefore, the score coincides with the code, and is recorded as a live in its execution, but in its abstract formal structure. The nuances here, no longer from time to time tone or gesture, but the parameter applied, and while the signs (associated with tones or samples) by the flow created Algorithms and shaped as needed, a new form of composition is formalized collectively.