Audio Culture

Christoph Cox

Continuum, ISBN 0826416152 The genealogy of contemporary music unfolds over several essential distant in time and in the cultural areas. Only now, in the time information in the form of networks, you draw the connections between what has changed the course of sound production in different sectors, offering unprecedented opportunities for small and large arrays of practitioners illuminated by creative ways. Not surprisingly, therefore, the striking 'line-up' of theorists, musicians and musicologists (from Russolo to John Oswald, from Cage to Attali, from McLuhan to Aphex Twin) summarized the essentials in these pages. What has been achieved is a kind of textual map of the most important theoretical semi-garde music, made extracts from essays and interviews that never reach the ten pages each. A summary ultra-dense that it intends to re-sow the many insights into the minds of readers, building an imaginary flourishing garden of ideas capable of many transformations. The connections between these ideas and practices of the last century seem to follow an elusive thread that binds them, and certain writings (especially older ones) seem to resonate subsequent applications in a full program of sounds described that have already lived on their own sap.