Copyfight, questioning the copyright.


That the copyright is one of the most pressing issues of our times is out of the question. But them to unite fresh energies and the public face of the free circulation of knowledge is not granted, bringing the level of debate off the face closely computer or strictly legal / commercial and making it evolve into the cultural dimension it deserves. Copyfight , an event organized by Oscar Abril Ascaso and July 15 to 17 at the CCCB of Barcelona, ​​does just that, offering workshops, legal advice, discussions, areas for download and projections, to spread the sacred doubt that repression of unauthorized copying by multinationals is an ancient tinsel be freed soon. A battle-hardened squad from the United States populates the scheduled conferences with representatives of the most effective initiatives in recent years, such as Lawrence Lessig , Cory Doctorow, Wilkipedia , Illegal Art or Downhill Battle . Between the projections, however canno reported titles still not widespread, such as 'Sonic Outlaws', 'Copyright Criminals', and the cult documentary 'F for Fake' by Orson Wells.