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The projects serial in which information passes from hand to hand by modifying the way, until you reach a final stage and final, or documentation of his project of transformation, are a property of the artists who believe in the possibility of a co-operative model and collaborative and applying it with personal strategies. The Battery Operated we offer a shining example with this project, in order to move information between the artists involved, chose the form of a likely classic black box (black box) used in aircraft to record all transactions carried out by veivolo. Colored red and called ‘Parabox’ hosted the choices of ten artists who have conveyed their favorite conspiracy theory in the form of contributions musical, visual and written. The last shipment (after transits involving among others Richard Kirk, the historical founder of the Cabaret Voltaire and Frans De Waard, the team of Staalplaat) has been allocated to the holders of the operation that have remixed all in a summa operated on a musical plan on one side and the other visual. The distance traveled by the different contributions and the fact that they are physically passed from hand to hand it makes it even more valuable the heterogeneous final result, visibly generated by different minds, but well summarized in a single style. The transit that has allowed the collection materials physics has probably also marked, from time to time, the realization, by providing a unified process in form, but in collective substance.