PostSecret, anonymous confessions collective.


There is a space on the web to confess never said that it is a regret, a hope, a desire or a fear, PostSecret welcomes any contribution provided is genuine and not yet revealed. Users are encouraged to create artwork of subject in postcard format and send via postal mail to the webmaster, Frank from Germantown (Md.), which updates the site every Sunday. The only conditions of access are to be "brief, legible and creative." In the most common web log (blog) is a sort of diary open to the public around which creates a communicational network, a community of individuals who learn to know through posts and links. The system has a weblog its ability to moderation through which a collaborative attitude considered wrong, not so much in the sense of ethics and the social, is detected, stressed and exposed to public scrutiny. In the case of the confessional PostSecret the principle that exists is the opposite: it is the most reprehensible thoughts to act as the glue of the community, which thrives thanks to an impressive word-of-mouth. As in a cluster weblog certificates of autobiographical and interpersonal skills, even here the dominant element is the human participation, solidarity, the syn-pathos. It is natural, however, to ask what role do you play the narcissism in the public sharing of their secrets. According to De Kerckhove "this is not a performance of the self, but rather the relationship with others." And no doubt that in every post, however sincere, is inherent in an exercise in style. The PostSecret postcards of the fact there is a solid artistic matrix, known as Sarah Boxer, so that the most recent recall the work of Barbara Kruger, Damien Hirst or Sophie Calle displayed in a sort of collective art gallery, a virtual Tate Modern (do not forget, in this connection, that the confessor asks royalties for exploitation of the materials). 'Secret for fake' then? The anonymity under which send their artwork averts this hypothesis, but the need to express in a creative form the deepest thoughts is as old as art.