Stickyphone, audio messages to be bonded.


Stickyphone is an open source software that allows you to share your own audio samples on the Internet. Incidental music, ambient sounds, voicemails all made for a period of 25 seconds. The special feature of this board sound is that there is a single file updated by the users. When the user / player produces his piece and placed online, it overwrites the previous recorded, until someone else will reply to him or oust him in turn. You can not answer because you only have the option of listening via link posts of others, but you can also set up a local repository of the various samples mixable of which are made known author and creation date. Stickyphone is a fun game, definitely low-fi and with a (possibly romantically) linked to the aesthetics of pioneering research net.artistiche the countries of Eastern Europe. The author, Ivan Bachev Romanian, seems to persevere in that direction of research of new media art that explores the expressive possibilities of sound, having already developed Ei , another dedicated software. Now play with the possibilities of the tools for messaging (every sound is able to create an identity and an intention, especially in the knowledge-sharing) to the point that anticipates the intention to extend the project to a message forum where audio users can freely interact by exchanging information.