SCIgen, computer software to generate essays.


The uncertainty about the nature of a writing, ie how likely it may seem despite being generated by a machine, is one of the issues raised by the text generation software. The refinement of algorithms, and consequently the results obtained, puts the test Touring (old methodology to test whether a text can be exchanged with an artificial written in his own hand by a person of flesh and blood) on a new plan, that is not conducted more as an experiment in the lab, but tested directly on social systems. this is exactly what they did Jeremy Stribling and two other friends at MIT, through Rooter: A Methodology for the Typical Unification of Access Points and Redundancy research work generated by SCIgen , a software programmed to automatically build essays computer science, including charts , figures and references, accessible through a web interface and free to use for all trials of the case. With great fanfare the work has been accepted to the famous WMSCI, the World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics. Although none of the auditors is exposed to approval, no one has even heard of fail him, passing his hand on the proceedings, and, collectively tacitly endorsing the plausibility of the script. After the uproar, the essay was ovvimanete excluded, but the authors are now trying to contact other speakers in total confidentiality, trying to rimborsagli the registration fee (obtained through a collection via the web supported by 165 anonymous donors) to have access anyway the conference and be able to perform the final act of this operation, ie a presentation of a work invented, carried out through a text which is also completely generated, read with the necessary seriousness required by the environment. These generations could produce a meta-textual whole new language, a kind of 'vocabulary of the plausible' in which, even to the ends of perfect simulation, you recognize the signs of a radical change in linguistic structures, now also of (partial) domain of the machines.