Guess-the-google, play at being a search engine.


The habit of using search engines has slowly calcified habits and sequences of interaction that lead us to make automatic gestures when we look for something on the net. The impressive database of images of Google, in particular, makes an immediate visual feedback of the content in response to a specific keyword. The matrix of the first twenty occurrences track a visual map on the association between images and meanings that the robot software are based on their parameters. Guess-the-google limelight roles database and user, putting the user in front of the same twenty images, which must guess the common denominator (ie keywords) in twenty seconds. Autosottoponendosi to the test, you will become Google ourselves, embodying the techniques of search engine in a 'transfer' implemented in a fun and obsessive. The final score takes into account the speed of response, but one of the key elements is the ability to compete in reverse with the automatic machine, summoning their rational faculties, synthetic and distinctive that characterize us. In this sense, the question that operations like this seem to suggest is: we are still the best of the machines?