Digifest Goes Wild!, Festival of design and digital culture.

Digifest Goes Wild

It was inaugurated on May 13 Digifest the 2005 edition of the festival of digital culture and design in Toronto called Digifest Goes Wild! . Made from the local Design Exchange this event makes it clear understanding between design and art in an area (the electronics) where, between these two cultural domains, are certainly many more points of contact than the differences. As in the edition of 2003 dedicated to the 'digital cities' , and that of 2004 ('On the Move') this also is characterized by a specific theme, going to investigate the more intricate border between organic and digital. After the opening conference with Andreas Broeckmann, Oliver Lang and Lars Spuybroek are planned debates on organic interfaces, animals and computer science, mysticism and digital chaotic systems with interaction designers including TAXI, Ventilated, Piperboy, Beehive Design, deekon, Sonar Group, Space Cadet and Pivot Design, the presentation of the winners of New Voices (Patterns in Nature, TouchMe, Smile Project, Farklempt!, Right or Left Unsaid, WILDcurves: Interactive 3D Shape Generation, Fabulous Creatures) that will be presented in a show includes an installation by Robert Ouellette and Johnson Chou, a panel on the web with Alessandro Ludovico Neural, Robert and Kevin Ouellette of readingtoronto.com Airgid webdesigner of AirGid Media Inc., as well as a presentation by Stephen Marshall, founder of the Guerilla News Network.