Degenerative, the web perishable.

Eugenio Tisselli

Eugenio Tisselli, Mexican-born artist based in Barcelona, ​​is known in the net art as a founder of the interdisciplinary team Vaina Systems and have earned, together with M. Antunez, an honorary mention in the edition of Ars Electronica 2003 with the installation 'POL'. His latest work Degenerative , suggests a reflection on the unstable nature of the code. The project takes the form of a simple Web page in which, at each visit, one of the characters that apparatus included in the HTML is deleted or replaced. This leads to a progressive and relentless degeneration of the content of the page and, more in general, of its structure. The suggestion of Tisselli, reminiscent of other experiments on the subject of degenerative art, can also be interpreted as a warning with respect to the perishable nature of Web pages whose survival is in fact linked to the code, and therefore, a elemeto extremely unstable, within which even the smallest change, such as the failure to close a tag, can result in a collapse of the entire scaffold and therefore, a reversal of its very meaning. 'Degenarative' ultimately reminds us that the Web is a giant with feet of clay and that behind the surface of what we see there is nothing but a set of instructions whose homogeneity and integrity is crucial.