-40 Canadian Propaganda Films of the 1940’s Reworked

-40 Canadian Propaganda Films of the 1940's Reworked

The relationship between sound and vision took on a clearer since both can be interpreted as sets of binary data. In their numerical abstraction these sets are identical in form, and therefore, conceptually, is much easier to manipulate in order to verify the relationship s’influenza mutual. To prove this are operations such as ‘-40’ in which, starting from a uniform amount of original material, it puts in place a trial consists of two-way video with original audio on one side and remixed original audio with video remixed other. In this way the temporal difference of the two components (visual and aural) is whipped by the actions of the respective artists (including Deadbeat , Venetian Snares , Lowfish , Cinétik and Shawn Chappelle). The past represented in the original, is refocused in a present altered when the old video technologies are combined with the effects created by new. The nationalist propaganda video, the object of revision, the memory becomes a national identity now the almost dissolved, and is reflected in today’s hyper-pervasive propaganda capable of shaping the identity mirrored in the popular television screens. The sounds finally manipulated in their temporal and contextual scanning, light in flashes, becoming the invisible guide on employees which flow through the respective images related content.