The Influencers festival of media action and radical entertainment.

The Influencers

After the success in the edition of 2004 , mutation of the DINA (Digital Analog Is Not), replicates this year at the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) in Barcelona with The Influencers festival of media action and radical entertainment . Unlike most of the festivals of art and media, this event focuses its efforts on the presentation of projects that radicalized the use of media, allowing a comparison of public activists, artists and cultural agitators capable of inventing new and unexpected uses of media technologies . This year in particular, it will be possible to make use of the simultaneous presence of the Canadian magazine and side events of Adbusters , Dragan Zivadinov (NSK and Noordung Kosmocinetic Cabinet), Josh On Futurefarmers collaborator and creator of the famous They Rule , Eddo Stern , creator of controversial video games like Waco Resurrection and Marko Peljhan famous Slovenian artist founder of Project Atol. There will also be two films: 'The Yes Men' film company of the group of sappers and institutional 'Cesky Sen – Czech Dream' film Vít Klusák and Filip Remunda. Another excellent opportunity to refresh your mind with media strategies that were successful in their diverse fields (advertising, web, video games …) and that can open gashes dazzling in the social and cultural media.