The Censtron Wave Vessel + Picturetuberadio, sounds television.


Place the TV set out of tune or tuned to a dead channel creates that particular combination of 'emptiness' of images and sound, which in our times of continuous transmissions (24 hours out of 24) creates an estrangement from the usual uninterrupted flow of images and colors. This visual status 'abnormal' the medium's most popular ever in the West has stimulated several sound artists to exploit the unchanged visualization techniques of the picture tube to subject them to their own sounds. The series 'Telefunken' by Carsten Nicolai, artist who has been recently achieved the impressive personal Anti Reflex at the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, was one of the first to use this manipulation, applying minimal tracks of frequencies applied electronics and appliance resulting pattern creating different visual. In Picturetuberadio by Matthias Fitz, however, the reverse process takes place, ie generate visual patterns to try to snatch the resulting sounds electromagnetic radiation generated by the electronics of the TV and perceived through the VLF (very low frequency) wave receiver with headphones. To bring the work of Nicolai to the level of a 'hack' hardware that produces electrons in motion is Censtron The Wave Vessel , of Christian Yambo and Sabastian Boaz, wherein in an old television were disconnected some video signals to be input from a sostiuiti audio that goes in a different manner to enable the electrons generating a sparse frequency wave or a variation corresponds to the audio input in the classic 'white noise'. In all these cases the television is taken hostage by his task of indoctrinator media, becoming ultimately a sound output device, or a tone generator induced, in which the image, the undisputed queen of our senses is reduced to servant sounds, are mastered conceptually the control unit.