Flickr Graph, a map of the reports

Flickr Graph

The concatenations of personal networks now constitute the micro networks to himself, the myriad of overlapping webs and stuck in patterns that represented the schematic view of forming an intricate and comprehensive communication system on a personal basis. This mapping personal and social begins to be increasingly popular as new automated tools are forged to facilitate the 'magic' contact with humans until recently unknown, but real, sentient and interactive. In this rough land full of dark sides and fictions creeping sull'immaterialità of digital communication, the overall view obtainable by such a graph outlines a set of people through some sort of glance on the relative distances between them, along with other data immediately apparent, such as the (alleged) popularity and versatility of each. This is precisely what implements Flickr Graph Marcos Weskamp (author of Newsmap and Social Circles ), applying its algorithms to the network of In this case the images and their evolve from a single person make the above webs as we focused on one of the members, in a slow dance of pseudonyms and pseudo-representative icons that reconstruct the network of relationships recorded in database. The famous theory of '6 degrees of separation '(ie that any two people on earth are connected through at most six other in turn in contact with each other) here is a research tool in addition, as mediated and restricted one of the many available platforms in turn circumscribed by their internal rules.