Audiopool, the software for the liquid sounds.


The definition of 'waves' sound represents an abstraction of the vibrations in the air with the sounds originate. But the choice of a representation that invokes the concept of 'liquid' (the waves, in fact), makes it very effectively the idea of ​​sounds like (not) matter in expansion, hardly irregimentabili in the spatial diffusion and subject to an encroachment little predictable. Audiopool Tom Betts / Nullpointer puts to good use in this concenzione software that is sounds like drops of water were part of a pool. The sources from which to draw are manifold (compact disc, microphone input, research on the net), and the whole is stirred in a structure algorithmically determined beforehand, ready to change, however, gradually giving way to new sounds, putting at the same time Apart from those already in use. Visually this is rendered in two-dimensional pattern of waves on the surface of the screen, which is thus attrettanto fluid in the transformations. In our everyday dimension of the 'ears' electronic activated from the myriad of microphones implemented in consumer devices (mobile phones and landlines with call centers that record all input calls, PCs and PDAs with built-in microphones, mp3 players usable as voice recorders .. .) involve as many recordings that form the infinite possible combinations of sounds, or as many 'pools' sound and intangible assets in which to move. To remain 'wet' ultimately are the sounds and our perceptions, which are able to 'see' a hearing process to which they are accustomed, place little by little, until the whole is not as a single two-dimensional contemporary feel and sound video.