Suicide Solution, get it over with in a video game.

Suicide Solution

World War II: a soldier polygonal weapon a hand grenade and drops it at his feet. His companions run away screaming but he remains stationary until the inevitable explosion. Detachment. A metropolis of the present day: a character waits patiently to one side of the sidewalk the arrival of a car. At the right time you throw in the street ending arrotato. And still space marines firing rockets a few centimeters from the walls and creatures fantasti bottomless pits. The latest work by Brody Condon, Suicide Solution , an artist who has been investigating the videogame medium is a film composed of a series of fragments gaming sessions documenting the suicide of many avatars. The viewer watches helplessly from a visual semisoggettiva in this series of ridiculous actions. Ridiculous because life is anything but precious in the world of video games, the lack of corporeality and the replay value of the game completely eliminates the drama of the gesture. The environment exclusively performing the gaming arena does not give space to psychology and deep motivations. Suicide gaming becomes the most pure exercise in absurdity. We can meet a reference to the surrealist Jacques Rigaut who liked to tell his bizarre death experiences? Beyond the apparent banality of the work we have to recognize that the performance of the virtual is becoming a mode of expression for all purposes. A sort of body art without the body that we have already seen in experiments like Battlefield Vietnam or Velvet strike and that surely will surprise us in the future.