Ohrwurmbeschleuniger, microwave audio.


The sound installations in recent years are discovering, thanks to the techniques of receiving, analyzing and manipulating digital sounds that lurk in our surroundings. Frequencies obtained from bodies and sounds that vibrate at a short distance from our eardrums are so under investigation and curiosity, as well as rethink their intrinsic characteristics. Ohrwurmbeschleuniger is an installation that uses the mechanisms of microwave ovens to merge two sounds through their acceleration ('collision'). The sounds are classified as 'Ohrwurm', which are small insects that are thought to become parasites of the ears (in Italian commonly called 'scissors'), a term which in German is also used to indicate the songs that once heard it hard to get out of the head. Their 'fusion' made through the normal programs baking oven, namely through the creation of an electromagnetic field (continuously monitored) and the rotation of the plate, is heard through A dedicated receiver to be placed close to the ear. Their musical structure, therefore, is disassembled and reassembled in the process triggered that for the original materials, lasts no longer than twenty seconds. Powered by a tireless group of Fur Cologne (author of, among other works such as SoundSlam , PainStation , LegShocker and Furninja and Furminator ), the work is sounds as organic materials that can be subjected to forces and natural elements that alter the structure , exactly, thereby offering a new perspective in their handling and decreeing a materiality of frequencies, imaginary and experienced at the same time.