Best of Webcasting


The practices of VJing are born from the use of digital tools at first only to coordinate the flow of materials analog, then evolving to manage the entire process of production and performance. The same stream of images, never separated from the sound, was at the center of the practices of Station Rose , German duo that can boast a long list of performance pioneered many of which carried, in difficult times, from his home in Frankfurt through protocols webcasting. This 'personal broadcasting', compounded in subsequent television productions, has developed on the artistic background of the two who have perfected the empathic understanding the relations between audio and visual data, exchanging MIDI signals through their moods. The resulting improvisation has retained its character of sync, imparting a lesson in visual storytelling to the many apprentices who collect video furnishing sound loop only spectacular, inanellandoli then without a cultural taste that can give you an overall sense. Elisa Rose and Gary Danner, however, fail to give a shape to the loop and also the simplest effects, systematizing sequences depending on the attitudes (abstract or pop may be), and synthesizing the attitude to composition than fifteen years this part is the role of the visual electronic music.