System_C, the design of the machine.


The visual compositions made with artificial intelligence techniques, albeit with some exceptions, have been linked to an aesthetic 'scientific', reflecting phenomena complying with the rules in some way 'natural', with precise canons of overlap, sometimes very more like a graphic report that a conceptual composition. Among the exceptions, however, falls System_C Marius Watz, a system of software agents that create images based on precise rules, marking the imaginary territory on which they move, thus tracing their virtuous path. The rules kinetics of movement dictated by the algorithms under different agents constitute the 'style' of the work (recorded on the project website at hourly intervals), so all traced back to a single, invisible 'hand', that is perceptible to a coordinate system of visual are perpetuated in the plots made. Presented at the international exhibition Electrohype 2004 , System_C is 'the design of the machine', taking advantage of the intrinsic peculiarities of construction, with essential features that intrigue the eye and the mind in a familiar impalpable present between the curves and hue.