Launch of Creative Commons licenses Italian.

Creative Commons Italy

On 16 December are presented publicly licenses Creative Commons Italian going to fill a void of possibilities that now they fully available in our country. The meeting is scheduled from 14:30 to Conference Room Fondazione Giovanni Agnelli in Turin and among the speakers also includes Lawrence Lessig , Professor at Stanford Law School who has launched and developed the idea of licensing of intellectual other than through software that protect the perpetrators without neutering the sharing of knowledge, but rather to encourage them by default. The Department of Law € ™ s University of Turin € ™ s IEIIT-CNR have taken charge in the last year not only to translate the licenses in Italian, but to adapt them to our legal system. The Creative Commons , therefore, already widely adopted on the web, represent a constructive challenge to the system of copyright, and a compromise firmly expressed by the motto 'Some Rights Reserved', ie 'Some Rights Reserved'.