Bitmirror, the mirror in ASCII of the self in motion.


The granularity of the images in which ASCII characters are used in place of the pixels has numerous inherent characteristics. Has a retro 'graphics of the first attempts simulated the first electronic computers ( RTTY-art and Digital Mona Lisa ), their role view to synthesize the tag of the first groups of crackers , until the recent reinterpretations of famous video ( ASCII Rock ) through their auto-tagging, which through the use of text characters making makes guessed the fundamental traits. The use of tools that use text to mold it in the image that describes ( Text recontextualizer ), or that simply convert the pixels in characters ( ASCII-O-Matic ), contribute to these trials, which crystallize an expressive form capable of exploiting in a sustainable manner the resources of the machine and, at the same time, it binds to the machine itself summarized in visual form. Bitmirror Tobias Grewenig is an interactive installation in which the ASCII used to encode the images of users is recorded by a camera a clear choice, which makes profiles and expressions of those who reflected the ethers clusters of symbols. Machinic and a yield close to our conception of artificial processing of reality. Historically, next to the famous hasciicam of Jaromil, the principles of which were later included in the free software Freej , this project adds to yield an ASCII deformation based on the laws of gravity that floats symbols making it even dismisses this 'machine vision'.