Viper 04, Generations on the Move.


' Generations on the Move 'is the title of the current edition of the Viper Basel festival. The festival, as well as the latest editions of 2002 and 2003 saw an important role of the new media section compared to projections traditional that have in the past characterized the event. Among the works selected this year are: AgoraXChange , Jacqueline Stevens and Natalie Bookchin, the project of collective game that rethinks a possible 'order' world away from the current one, NAG (Network Auralization for Gnutella) Jason Freeman, 'Compendium 'Danielle Wilde, on the nature of non-verbal communication with the emotions that go from one to the other protagonist of a puzzle of moving faces,' Blessed Bandwidth 'Shilpa Gupta, un'ironico detournazione religious sacredness of networking, the 'affscinante' Banlieu Du Vide ', by Thomas Köner, winner of the Golden Nica in the' digital music 'in the Prix Ars Electronica 2004 , a sound trip in a desert landscape and snowy road, which changes constantly but imperceptibly. Among the events there is also 'Legal Perspective', hosted at [Plug-in], a work of Cornelia Sollfrank, who interviewed four Advocates (German and Swiss) specializing in intellectual property, asking them specific questions about freedom ' expression in their respective nations. This as a result of its proposal to exhibit some reworking of the famous 'Flowers' by Andy Warhol made ​​his generator , paradoxically rejected by the organization to legal problems.