Abstraction Now

Edition Camera Austria, ISBN 3900508518 The process of 'abstraction', ie the opposite of the approach to a figurative description of the concepts and represent them through appropriate linear forms and color combinations, found in digital technologies as a natural side, by the very nature of their structure . The abstraction, in fact, is inherent in each algorithm, ie the ability to encode a phenomenon, a concept or a process through structured instructions with a sequence 'universal'. This has instinctively attracted the attention of a crowd of artists on calculating machines and on their ability to constantly communicate a level representative of what has been described upstream from the software in a manner independent from the input (that is, in a sense, ' abstract 'from it). In this text, a sort of catalog of expanded ' eponymous exhibition held at the Künstlerhaus in Vienna, curated by Norbert Pfaffenbichler and Sandro Droschl, it documents the ability expressed by some seventy artists (by Carsten Nicolai to Tina Frank , from Lia to Jodi by Golan Levin at Casey Reas , from Meta. to Peter Luining and Yugop ), to give meaning to the event data graphically, not pitted styles juxtaposition of shapes, shades and colors, but rich in theoretical perspectives, from the burning contemporary . The digital abstraction, therefore, always plays on a cultural background that implements the default, playing on the multiplicity of interpretation of the code. And the close bond that joins material works to come out of the processing clock cycles a processor is just the representation of a code, fraught with meanings, all inherent in the invisible levels of its unified vision.