Sell ​​the, American way.

Sell ​​The

If the American presidential elections are increasingly considered to be a media event ever, the armature of policy initiatives that they generate will be equal in quantity, but often not for courage and effectiveness. Especially online, there are few, in fact, projects that go beyond the effect of irony, mockery blatant political opposition, the petition motivated while on duty or the unique collection of quotations more or less scandalizzanti. Following the outcry in 2000 by [V] ote-auction , a project that allowed American citizens to anonymously declare their willingness to sell their votes, Ubermorgen to hit back with an update conceptual and temporal. Sell the , In fact, it promises to repeat the media uproar, that already in the original project, among other things unintentionally prophetic subsequent fraud, had pervaded the average of all sizes, being able to hypnotize even CNN had devoted a ' entire episode of Burden of Proof with a very serious debate in the studio and at the same time completely surreal. Sell ​​In The Vote scheme is simple: American voters can 'make available' their vote, by registering and selecting a territorial region (the Occupied Territories by the Americans, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, South America, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Asia / Oceania and USA unregistered voters, such as prisoners). On the other hand those who are interested to express their preference, but it is not a voter for any reason, you can select one of the offers in writing three lines who he is and why we should allow them to vote, in the hope of being selected among the other candidates. The furrow in 2000 starts now sprout, in spite of all the threats and legal tangles caused by many at the time, as is the equally caustic and hyperreal adopted slogan: "Our bombs are votes. Graces, our votes are bombs. graces, our bombs are bombs. thank you. " Moreover, the tradition of Ubermorgen suggests further developments in line with the official elections. The patina of sweetish fictitious democratic legitimacy of the American system is meant to be pierced by sleek new ideas.